Thursday, April 5, 2012

WIP Yester-Year Challenge

Christine at Quilt Monster in my Closet has started a Yester-Year Challenge!  Here's a link to the first check in.

The main idea is to get out projects that were started a couple (if not more) years ago but never finished...and FINISH THEM!

I don't have very many projects hiding in my closet that are that old...but I do have some fabric!
So, I started a NEW project...Kerrington's Quilt...with some old fabric that I purchased about 4 years ago. 
It doesn't look like this now...I've decided that I want to use the black squares for cornerstone and have been ripping apart those blocks.  Now that they are all taken apart, I need to re-assemble them with the other leftover prints.  I had hoped to have this in the mail by Friday (NOT GONNA HAPPEN)...

Oh, well, she just turned 2 so I guess she can't really be that excited about getting a quilt.  So, this is my NEW Yester-Year project.

I am hoping to get settled back into my routine and get some new pictures up of my projects.  I just have to get my soccer calendar caught up, rides organized and finish up our homeschool portfolio.  That should just take a few years months weeks couple more days.  

I really AM trying to be a more optimistic person!  Or convince myself that I really am Super Woman.

Have a good one!  

Maybe tomorrow I will tell you  about the 8th Grade field trip we went on Washington DC...with about 200 students...leaving at 5am...and returning at midnight...and the crazy dreams that followed...and how late I was for my morning appointments today...and how I "snoozed" for an entire hour this morning...BTW did you know that if you hit the "snooze" button for an hour the alarm stops going off?  I had NO IDEA!!


  1. That is going to be ADORABLE! You would have been fine to leave the black in there, But I understand when you have to change it. I have done it too. Try and remember to breathe on that whirlwind of a ride you are on :) Hugs to you!

    1. PS... Thank you for Linking up on the Yester Year Linky Party :)