Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Influenced by the Table Topper Blog Hop

Now that I've got you here.
This post really doesn't have anything to do with Table Toppers. But, you should hop over to Madame Samm's to see what's going on.

It actually has more to do with one particular post from the blog hop.
Patty over at A Stitch In Time posted a Table Topper with the Hatteras Lighthouse on it.
Now, I love visiting lighthouses and I love the Outer Banks.
So, today I will share with you some Excellent photos that we took in 2010 when we visited the northern 4x4 beaches!
This was by far the most talked about event that happened all week.  It frequently comes up in conversations and my daughter recently included it in one of her English presentations.

Are you creeped out yet?  
We were!  
But, I made them stop the car...we were out exploring the dunes...so that I could take pictures.
Then, we went back to the house and got the kids.
And took them to see this place.
Probably not the smartest thing to do...considering...
But, it was definitely the most fun of the entire trip!

Here are a couple of legitimate pictures of why we love the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Our Dining Room view

wild horses...this one actually had a baby the week we were there!
I am also linking up with Quilting by the River today!
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  1. I am happy to say that we never saw anything that weird in any of our trips! My girls enjoyed the photos. They enjoyed being grossed out!

  2. North Carolina looks beautiful....except those heads, that would give me the creeps!