Friday, April 20, 2012

Captain Morgan, Tortuga & Buried Treasure

Last night, I set sail with Captain Morgan (though I never left dry land...remember that song?)!
I ended up in Tortuga with Captain Jack Sparrow...and the rest of the Pirates!
But I was the lucky one and found the Buried Treasure! (Although, finding buried treasure usually means a mess to clean up later. *sigh*

My Treasure?
A set of mini-charms!
I don't know how long I've had them...
or where they came from...
or even what fabric line they belong to...
I will happily accept any comments if you recognize these fabrics!  
I would love to find more!
That would be Treasure indeed!

So, this is what I accomplished between 8pm last night and noon today:
It's just waiting to be bound!  Yea!

I also managed to get a couple of my blocks done for the Sow Along!

Civil War Sewing Circle & Shoo Fly

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