Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I managed to get the "card" out of my card-reader on the computer, so here are a few pictures.

This is the table runner that I am attempting to hand-quilt.

 And here is the mess that I created today.  I am getting all of my blocks cut for Randy's Sow Along.  I was nearly 2 months behind!
I have created a template to sketch each of the blocks on so that I don't have to keep running to the computer to see what they look like.
And, here are all of my little project baggies.  Most of them have 2 different color ways in them.  I am doing a set of blocks in reds, tans & browns only.  The other set is mainly civil war reproductions of any color.
So, now that everything is cut, the fabric is folded back up, the scraps are bagged, and the kids are still playing, I am off to my machine!  Woo Hoo!


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  1. I love hand quilting but only can do small projects since arthritis hit me - that's okay though since I can always machine quilt them if I have to. :) blessings, marlene