Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Productive Procrastination?

I'm good with that!

I was a good girl & folded all 3 baskets of clothes first. I even swapped clothes to the dryer and started a load in the washer. 

Then, I packed up my Farmer's Market socks and went to soccer practice with my boys. 

Early tomorrow we leave for a whirlwind trip to Kentucky to get "The Boy" and bring him home for Easter. That should end up being about 12 hours in the car. 

Thursday, we grab "The Princess" after school and head to Stonewall Resort to meet "The Clan". It's been 10 years, but my in-laws will finally have all 3 of their children and all 7 grandchildren for the weekend. I should have some great pictures to share on Monday!

So, that means, there is still laundry to be washed, dried, folded and packed. Bathing suits need to be found. Food needs to be organized; kitchen needs cleaned; yarn stuff needs sorted and packed...wish I could take my spinning wheel (I've decided to name her Betty...but more about that later.) Hubs will probably choke me if I even suggest the wheel, so I'll just pack a few different knitting projects. 

Saturday we go straight to camp. It's pretty rustic, but it's one of our favorite places. Then, off to the in-laws later that night. Everyone will go out to eat for Easter dinner, and "The Boy" and I will go back to Kentucky since he has classes on Monday. 

All next week will be spent packing, driving and waiting in Cleveland as Gram has heart valve surgery. 

So, what do you want to see? I should have pretty good internet access to post lots of pictures! 

Have a great Easter! I just hope I get to relax a little by the pool & enjoy some quiet time with a glass or two of a good West Virginia wine. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baby Quilt Update

I was able to get a little more work in on the Mountaineer Baby Quilt.

Here's an update in pictures...

Baby steps. It just needs to be finished before the end of May. Hopefully more progress this weekend. 

I am making progress on my Andrea Poncho since I can drag it along to practices and group activities. 

Off we go...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Memorial

It's funny how a person can be a part of your life for a very short amount time and yet have such a profound impact on who you are. 

My husband's mentor and one of his dearest friends passed away last night.

This man was a reminder of my own Grandpa. 
He was ornery. 
He was gentle. 
He was full of stories. 
I told him once how much I enjoyed spending time with him...that he brought back so many memories of my own Grandpa and I was so glad that my kids had an opportunity to know such an amazing person. 

Our lives have been forever altered. He has given my husband great joy in creating and building knives. He opened the door to another world & he will never be forgotten. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Diary of a Mountaineer Baby Quilt

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Here are some of the details (and my random thoughts) about this project.

Fabrics were purchased at Classic Quilt Shop on March 18. I needed 1/4 yard pieces, but I bought 1/3 yard instead so I could add a little to the stash (now that I'm getting it organized). I also bought a variegated yellow spool of  Mettler thread and a pattern by Eleanor Burns. 
Mettler thread: poly sheen multi #9925
pattern: Zig A Zag Quilt
Cost: $76.30

I decided to use my rescued Kenmore. 
To get her ready, I changed the needle to a new Schmetz Universal 80/12. I tested the 1/4 inch seam. It was perfect on the first try so I marked it with a piece of painter's tape. 

2 sets of strips (that's 8 seams) is too much for this old girl. The foot pedal was getting pretty hot. That got me thinking about a name...I've decided on Sandy. She's a very light tan with some little dings on her throat and with the hot foot pedal, she just got me thinking about the beach. Of course, I'm always thinking about the beach...but Sandy she is. 

Well, I'm off to do some pressing. I'll see you in a bit!

March Madness

'Mornin' Loves,
It's mid-March and I thought I'd take time to get you caught up on the current WIPs. 

I've been working on two knitting projects. The Andrea Poncho is from a kit that I purchased in 2013 at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I'm going again this year and I'm determined to wear this!

It looks a little red, but is actually a gorgeous, rich terra cotta. 

I'm also working on the 2014 Yarn Mountain Sock Club June pattern. It's called Farmer's Market and you can get it (and lots more) free by joining the Google+ group at Yarn Mountain or look them up on Ravelry. 

The socks will probably get bumped to the back of the line while I work on project deadlines. 

The Cinnamon and Nutmeg quilt has been resurrected. I think this one is from 2009. 

I found out last night why it had been tucked away as a UFO. I had sewn my strips together in such a way that I was not able to cut the required number of diamonds. 

But, that's been taken care of and I can get ready to start assembling the top. 

My main priority is to completely finish a blue & gold Mountaineer baby quilt before my sister-in-law's shower on April 25! They are expecting a little boy and he will be the one to carry on the family name; otherwise, my dad's line will end with my brother. (Dad and I have been working on our ancestry so this is a pretty big deal for us.)

Anyway, yesterday I went to my favorite Classic Quilt Shop and bought a pattern (Eleanor Burn's Zig A Zag Quilt) and lots of blue & gold fabric. 

And, if I have time, I'll go back and get the pattern for these adorable boots!

Aren't those the cutest things ever?!

So, I'm off to sew and cut and sew some more and maybe knit a bit before Thing 1 & Thing 2 need to be taken to basketball practice. I usually get lots of knitting done during practice and tonight will be an extra hour longer. 

If life stays (somewhat) sane, I'll check in tomorrow with a progress report. Here's to a having a tangle-free day of creating!


Thursday, March 12, 2015


Looks like it's going to be a busy month. And me without enough moolah! But, can one ever have enough money when out fiber- yarn shopping?!

If I get a part time job today, how much $$ do you think I can earn before the end of April?

Ooh! Yard Sale! 
Any other suggestions?

This one might get me a little tangled up!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Out of the snow storms and yucky weather. I've tried to post several times this past week, but with no success. 

Here is an update on my Yarn Mountain 2014 Farmers Market socks. 

I really like Claudia's Handpaint sock yarn for the lacy patterns. 

We had the oldest boy home from Berea for Spring Break this past week and ended up snowed in for the most part.

We returned him to his dorm this afternoon and found this waiting for us at our favorite hotel, The Boone Tavern.

How exciting is that?! Spring really is just around the corner! And they had nearly two feet of snow from the same storm that hit us in WV. 

I will see if my earlier posts are still hanging around & give you the finishes update. 

Lots of things planned for the next several weeks and I hope to catch a few minutes here and there in the sewing room, with the spinning wheel & knitting on all of my sock club projects. I've got yarn to start 3 more patterns! As if I don't have enough yarn on needles already. 

Are you trying to rush all those winter knitting projects now that Spring is peeking 'round the corner?

Enjoy your projects and don't get too tangled up in this crazy life!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Preview

I'm currently working on the 2014 June Sock Club pattern,
Kerrington's leg warmers,

and the Perfect Cloud Shawl.

I've already spun and plied about half of my Buckhannon Brown & Grey fiber and am planning to try a 3-ply with the rest. 

The weatherman is predicting 6-10 inches of heavy, wet snow for tomorrow. School is already on a 2 hr delay. Maybe I'll get that spinning done tomorrow!

Stay warm!