Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Productive Procrastination?

I'm good with that!

I was a good girl & folded all 3 baskets of clothes first. I even swapped clothes to the dryer and started a load in the washer. 

Then, I packed up my Farmer's Market socks and went to soccer practice with my boys. 

Early tomorrow we leave for a whirlwind trip to Kentucky to get "The Boy" and bring him home for Easter. That should end up being about 12 hours in the car. 

Thursday, we grab "The Princess" after school and head to Stonewall Resort to meet "The Clan". It's been 10 years, but my in-laws will finally have all 3 of their children and all 7 grandchildren for the weekend. I should have some great pictures to share on Monday!

So, that means, there is still laundry to be washed, dried, folded and packed. Bathing suits need to be found. Food needs to be organized; kitchen needs cleaned; yarn stuff needs sorted and packed...wish I could take my spinning wheel (I've decided to name her Betty...but more about that later.) Hubs will probably choke me if I even suggest the wheel, so I'll just pack a few different knitting projects. 

Saturday we go straight to camp. It's pretty rustic, but it's one of our favorite places. Then, off to the in-laws later that night. Everyone will go out to eat for Easter dinner, and "The Boy" and I will go back to Kentucky since he has classes on Monday. 

All next week will be spent packing, driving and waiting in Cleveland as Gram has heart valve surgery. 

So, what do you want to see? I should have pretty good internet access to post lots of pictures! 

Have a great Easter! I just hope I get to relax a little by the pool & enjoy some quiet time with a glass or two of a good West Virginia wine. 

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