Sunday, March 8, 2015


Out of the snow storms and yucky weather. I've tried to post several times this past week, but with no success. 

Here is an update on my Yarn Mountain 2014 Farmers Market socks. 

I really like Claudia's Handpaint sock yarn for the lacy patterns. 

We had the oldest boy home from Berea for Spring Break this past week and ended up snowed in for the most part.

We returned him to his dorm this afternoon and found this waiting for us at our favorite hotel, The Boone Tavern.

How exciting is that?! Spring really is just around the corner! And they had nearly two feet of snow from the same storm that hit us in WV. 

I will see if my earlier posts are still hanging around & give you the finishes update. 

Lots of things planned for the next several weeks and I hope to catch a few minutes here and there in the sewing room, with the spinning wheel & knitting on all of my sock club projects. I've got yarn to start 3 more patterns! As if I don't have enough yarn on needles already. 

Are you trying to rush all those winter knitting projects now that Spring is peeking 'round the corner?

Enjoy your projects and don't get too tangled up in this crazy life!

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  1. I can't believe all that snow!!!!!!!!! It's crazy - bulbs in the same post as ten feet of white stuff. The weather has gone nuts lately - especially for America.