Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Plague on the House

We are fighting a coughing plague here on the Compound.
3 of us missed the family picnic at my in-laws due to "persistent high fevers".
I took 2 kids to the local ER while Darren was headed out of town with the other 3.  
With our discharge instructions they said to return if we had "persistent high fevers".  When I asked them to be more specific since I have one child who is struggling to keep her temperature under 101* (since Wednesday).  They seemed a little confused.  The nurse said that "persistent" would mean that it doesn't come down & a "high fever" would be anything greater than 101*.  So, I explained again that my daughter was there for just that reason...and what would they be doing for her?  They sent us home with a prescription for cough syrup.  They never did address the fever issue.  So, today we are off to see the family doctor and hopefully will get some answers.
I've been busy off & on all weekend...
what I've been describing as "productively destructive".
I've disassembled 3 plaid shirts and a stack of jeans.
I've watched several movies, finished binding 2 bartered projects & even washed some wool last night.
I'll have pictures later today!
Hope you have a good one!
And avoid those plagues!

Friday, May 25, 2012

8th Grade Graduation

Yesterday we celebrated the "graduation" of our youngest daughter from the 8th grade.
We arrived at the school at 8am thinking that we might be there for an hour or so.
2 and a half hours later, we were sneaking out to get back home to check on our sick kids!
We were very proud of our daughter and the 8 academic awards that she received...
but, My Goodness! there were so many off the wall, mediocre awards!
Like, 14 students receiving an award for "outstanding achievement"  in one class because it was too difficult for the teacher to choose just one student; so everyone with an "A" in the class received the award!

OK!  I'm going to get off my soapbox here and show you some wonderful pictures of our lovely daughter who makes us so proud!  

Hope you enjoy your day!  
I'm off to work on my neglected projects, financial responsibilities, housework, yard work, etc. so that I can relax and enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!
With 2 sick kids, I doubt we will do anything spectacular...but I would love to hear about your plans!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

May FNSI Update

This month's FNSI kind of snuck up on me.
I wasn't really focused on any one project.
I didn't really accomplish much, but I had my hands on a lot of different projects.
I went shopping.
 I did LOTS of pinning.
 I played with my Red, White & Blues for the up coming Red White & Blue Blog Hop.
 I worked on binding my hot pad placemat.
 I trimmed squares for Baby Stella's quilt.
I even sewed the first two seams of my Cinnamon & Nutmeg.
Then I ripped them out and sewed them again.
They don't get a picture!

Hope you got more done than I did!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Starts Today!

Today is the opening day of the Blogger's Quilt Festival!  
Please stop by Amy's Creative Side to see all of the wonderful projects and inspiring stories!

My quilt was made a couple of years ago.
I used the pattern Jelly Roll Jive designed by A Graceful Stitch and a couple of jelly rolls from Fig Tree Quilts Urban Indigo line.

At the time this one was made, I was working at my local quilt shop.  I had taken several classes and was even teaching the "beginner's" class.  
This was my first adventure into piecing a project without being in a class.  
This is where I stepped back and said, "Wow! I'm a quilter!"  "I can do this!"

After struggling for most of my life with low self esteem and never really being confident in who I was as a person, this was my statement to me, my family and my friends...


I had some help choosing the background fabric.  Marshall, our service and repair guy is great with color.  I questioned his choices initially but in the end, I was SEW happy that I listened to his advice!  I absolutely love the effects!

Earlier I said that I used a "couple" of jelly rolls...and this is true.  The pattern only calls for one, but I made a horrible mistake.  I sewed & trimmed the corner triangles (on about half of the required strips) to the wrong side.  So, I called the shop and called my husband and had him bring home another jelly roll.  Darren was in a panic!  He wanted desperately to help, but was afraid that he wouldn't get the right fabrics.  Luckily our fabric shop had a wonderful computer program that tracked all fabric purchases and they were able to look up everything that I had purchased for this project.

Sew...I started over.
I finished all of the pieces.
I finished all of the rows.
I sewed the first & second rows together.
And then...
I started ripping stitches!
I sewed & I ripped.
Sewed & Ripped.
Finally I took the whole thing into the shop for a lesson on how to pin my points.
(I am a bit obsessive.  I don't like to make leave mistakes.  I think this is why I am a quilter...I have a perfectly acceptable outlet for my OCD/Type A personality!)
After several weeks of near insanity (my family was afraid to be in the same room with me) I finally got it!

I sent it off to "My Quilter".
And she did an amazing job!
Can you see the cherries?!  I love it!

Sew, I bound it and fell in love!  All of my hard work was finished.  Even though I thought I wouldn't survive, I learned a lot.
No matter how simple it looks, most things are NOT easy!
When choosing a pattern, look for matching points!
If you need help with color, sometimes it's best to ask a man!
If you don't know how to do something, ASK someone who does!

And I have learned after having taken multiple classes this past year in spinning, weaving, dyeing & knitting that...


A great big "Thank You" to Amy for hosting this Quilt Festival!
So glad you stopped by...


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally! A Good Day!

It's been raining the last couple of days.
I've been struggling to "put on a happy face".

Today, it was a little easier.
I was invited to a friend's house.
And guess what we did!
Here's a hint...
 Today was BEAUTIFUL!
It has finally stopped raining & the pool is OPEN!!
We enjoyed the lovely sunshine...
Thing 1
Thing 2

I even got a picture of my sweet baby girl...
(she doesn't like to have her picture taken)
And we wore the little buggers out!

Take a look at what my wonderful Hubby did for me (the day after Mother's Day 'cause he had to work):
Chicken Strips
Mushrooms & Fire House Potatoes
Isn't he AMAZING?!
Lots of busy stuff going on...
What have you been doing?


Friday, May 11, 2012

Here She Is!

My newest niece!
Isn't she perfect?
And she has such a smart Auntie who figured out how to show her off!
Stella Helene
arrived yesterday.
She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz.
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Kerrington's Quilt Top

I finally finished the quilt top for my lovely Kerrington.
She is my California Baby...and just celebrated her 2nd birthday.
It makes me so sad to have my nieces and nephew clear across the country!
And, I have a new niece!
She was born yesterday. 7lbs 13 oz and absolutely perfect!
(at least it looks that way from the picture that I saw this morning on Facebook)
I wish I could show you pictures of those sweet babies, but I don't see them often and I'm not techie enough to get them from Facebook.

So, here are some pictures of the quilt top for Kerrington.

I am piecing Baby Stella's quilt now.  
And will be getting some firefighter fabric for the Big Brother!
They will be coming in to visit this summer and I hope to have all 3 finished when they get here.


I thought I had some pictures of my "Ugly Fabric".
I planned to do a quick update.
But, alas, no pictures & the camera battery is "exhausted". Again.
Things are still going crazy here. 
But here are a few pictures of some of the things that are consuming my time.
Only the fun stuff, I promise! 
(You don't need to see the checkbook mess, the budgeting mess and all of the resumes & job applications...or the dirty laundry & dishes!)
Sleeves waiting to be "fitted" for the Kindle Fire

Kerrington's Quilt...I've been working on this while the pictures were uploading!

Basket Weave dishcloth
 I am binding a few projects for Kelly.  She is my long arm quilter & we've bartered several projects.  She does some discounted quilting for me and I do some bindings for her.  Love how that works out!
Kelly's Table Runner

Kelly's Table Runner #2

Kelly's lap quilt/wall hanging (I really love this one!)

Thing 1 in Goal

Thing 1 Ready for Anything!

Thing 2 & the coach's boy...Team Captains
Well, the camera battery should be just about charged up.  Kerrington's quilt top is finished.  I am headed out to the yard to take some pictures.

See you later!
(and I'll have photos of my "Uglies".)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

YesterYear Challenge

Today is the scheduled sewing day for those old projects that have been neglected and packed away.
Christine has set up a great monthly challenge to pull them out, dust them off & get them finished!
Here's how my day went:

I couldn't wait to get home from soccer today.
My plan was to get started on my Cinnamon & Nutmeg quilt as soon as I got back from soccer.
I cleaned the kitchen table off.
I got out my fabric strips.
I got my mat, rotary cutter & rulers.
I set the ironing board up in the kitchen & plugged in the iron.
I pulled out my notebook that has all of my instructions in it.
I was ready to go!
And then, I started reading...
I thought I would have to cut a few things before I started sewing...
But, NO!
I had to cut...
...and cut...
...and cut some more!
Four hours later,
I have cut:
40 large diamonds.

10 large half-diamonds.

20 large triangles.

93 sashing diamonds.

18 sashing triangles.

12 sashing half-diamonds.

And 50 of my 216 total sashing strips.

I guess I need to pay more attention to the instructions from now on.
Did you ever wonder why they always say: "Read all instructions before starting the project?"
Now I know!  
I think I knew it before, but I'm a slow learner.
Maybe this is why we often have so many unfinished projects laying around.

So, since I have 4 whole bobbins wound, I am going to get busy on Kerrington's quilt (which has been sorely neglected since soccer started).

I might even work a little on all those blocks that are cut but not assembled for my Sow Along with Randy.

Just heard the Whippoorwills!  
I love to listen to them at night!  
So glad they are back!

'Night, y'all!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday...Sort of...

It's Wednesday.
I have several Works In Progress.
So, I am going to link up with Freshly Pieced  for their WIP Wednesday.

There are so many "irons in the fire" around here that I just don't know where to start.
I haven't actually managed to do much sewing/quilting but that doesn't mean I don't have any ongoing projects.
I have signed up to participate in several different blog activities.
First, I signed up for the Blogger's Quilt Festival!
 (I really need to learn how to put a button here!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!)

Then, I signed on to participate in the Red, White & Blue Blog Hop hosted by Jane & Madame Samm!
Here's a little peek at some of what I am tossing around...
 You'll have to come back in July to see what I finally decide to do!

I'm also signing up for May's YesterYear Challenge hosted by Christine over at Quilt Monster in my Closet.  You can join in...on May 5th, I will be working on my Cinnamon & Nutmeg quilt.  It's not really old, but I did start to collect the fabric in February 2009.
 And speaking of my favorite Quilt Monster, I won a table topper from Christine!  
During the Table Topper Blog Hop, I told her that my favorite of her table toppers was I Heart Love Notes!  
And her Mr. Fantastic chose me to be a winner! 
You can still hop over and see all of Christine's table toppers.  They are beautiful!
And Madame Samm has them all collected here.

I'm also getting my ugly fabric ready for the In the Bag Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge.  I have been emailed my swap partner's information and I'm really excited to get our fabric swapped and start trying to figure out what to do with the new "uglies"!
You can visit my partner at her blog Kinda Quilty.

Well, the kids are begging for the computer so they can get their homework done, so I'm gonna be a good Mommy and let them get busy...

Have a good one!