Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Starts Today!

Today is the opening day of the Blogger's Quilt Festival!  
Please stop by Amy's Creative Side to see all of the wonderful projects and inspiring stories!

My quilt was made a couple of years ago.
I used the pattern Jelly Roll Jive designed by A Graceful Stitch and a couple of jelly rolls from Fig Tree Quilts Urban Indigo line.

At the time this one was made, I was working at my local quilt shop.  I had taken several classes and was even teaching the "beginner's" class.  
This was my first adventure into piecing a project without being in a class.  
This is where I stepped back and said, "Wow! I'm a quilter!"  "I can do this!"

After struggling for most of my life with low self esteem and never really being confident in who I was as a person, this was my statement to me, my family and my friends...


I had some help choosing the background fabric.  Marshall, our service and repair guy is great with color.  I questioned his choices initially but in the end, I was SEW happy that I listened to his advice!  I absolutely love the effects!

Earlier I said that I used a "couple" of jelly rolls...and this is true.  The pattern only calls for one, but I made a horrible mistake.  I sewed & trimmed the corner triangles (on about half of the required strips) to the wrong side.  So, I called the shop and called my husband and had him bring home another jelly roll.  Darren was in a panic!  He wanted desperately to help, but was afraid that he wouldn't get the right fabrics.  Luckily our fabric shop had a wonderful computer program that tracked all fabric purchases and they were able to look up everything that I had purchased for this project.

Sew...I started over.
I finished all of the pieces.
I finished all of the rows.
I sewed the first & second rows together.
And then...
I started ripping stitches!
I sewed & I ripped.
Sewed & Ripped.
Finally I took the whole thing into the shop for a lesson on how to pin my points.
(I am a bit obsessive.  I don't like to make leave mistakes.  I think this is why I am a quilter...I have a perfectly acceptable outlet for my OCD/Type A personality!)
After several weeks of near insanity (my family was afraid to be in the same room with me) I finally got it!

I sent it off to "My Quilter".
And she did an amazing job!
Can you see the cherries?!  I love it!

Sew, I bound it and fell in love!  All of my hard work was finished.  Even though I thought I wouldn't survive, I learned a lot.
No matter how simple it looks, most things are NOT easy!
When choosing a pattern, look for matching points!
If you need help with color, sometimes it's best to ask a man!
If you don't know how to do something, ASK someone who does!

And I have learned after having taken multiple classes this past year in spinning, weaving, dyeing & knitting that...


A great big "Thank You" to Amy for hosting this Quilt Festival!
So glad you stopped by...



  1. I love your quilt so much! Fantastic work - and way to go!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, you ARE a quilter! This is really beautiful!

  3. You sure are!! I love the quilt and the mistakes and drawbacks are all part of the process:)

  4. Love the four pointed stars...pieced and echoed in the background. Love the hour glass blocks and the tiny pinwheels with bits of blue.

    Well done!

  5. This is really pretty!

    And the mistakes are all part of how we learn. Mind you, then I should a lot more by now! LOL.

  6. Yep your definitely a quilter :) And I always ask my husband for color advice. I love when he says what I was thinking, that means I chose good colors. Why is it they can be so good with colors in a quilt, but matching the shirt to the pants is a train wreck! I adore your quilt. Look at those perfect points, beautiful!!

  7. Don't you ever question about who you are! You are a wonderful person, just look at your work! This beauty is the expression of your inner beauty (just like everything you show us through your pictures of your beautiful family!). I love the colors and the fabrics you used! This quilt makes me think it is warm and soft and that you can cuddle so well in it, mmm! Congratulations, it looks great! :-)

  8. great design!


  9. Beautiful quilt and yes, you are a quilter! You are also a beautiful woman, wife, mother, and gift to many people. I hbe no doubt you are even more than all of that, too! Thank you for sharing the lovely story of confidence gained.

  10. I llike your twist on the stars

  11. I just love your entry and would consider making one myself! Thanks for sharing.

  12. It is gorgeous! You picked a complex design for your first quilt made without help. It turned out great - with a little help from your friends. :)

  13. Wow, I love this quilt! I'd like to make one for myself so thank you for the link to the pattern. You can definitely call yourself a quilter!

  14. Great story of the making of a quilter. Love the color combination too.

  15. Beautiful! It's wonderful to be a quilter, isn't it. :)

  16. great quilt and fun story--laughed several times--can so relate! hubby does almost all fabric shopping at lqs on way to or from work...and he's colorblind so people there are VERY helpful. thanks for sharing and have a great day

  17. Oh yes, you ARE a quilter! This quilt is beautiful! I love it!