Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally! A Good Day!

It's been raining the last couple of days.
I've been struggling to "put on a happy face".

Today, it was a little easier.
I was invited to a friend's house.
And guess what we did!
Here's a hint...
 Today was BEAUTIFUL!
It has finally stopped raining & the pool is OPEN!!
We enjoyed the lovely sunshine...
Thing 1
Thing 2

I even got a picture of my sweet baby girl...
(she doesn't like to have her picture taken)
And we wore the little buggers out!

Take a look at what my wonderful Hubby did for me (the day after Mother's Day 'cause he had to work):
Chicken Strips
Mushrooms & Fire House Potatoes
Isn't he AMAZING?!
Lots of busy stuff going on...
What have you been doing?



  1. I've been dodging the rain drops....and doing yard work in the stuff.

  2. Oh, you make me envy! :-))) You seem to have had a lovely day! I want some days like this, too!... What did I do? Bills, orders, e-mail messages, phone calls, papers hrrr! :-)))