Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Plague on the House

We are fighting a coughing plague here on the Compound.
3 of us missed the family picnic at my in-laws due to "persistent high fevers".
I took 2 kids to the local ER while Darren was headed out of town with the other 3.  
With our discharge instructions they said to return if we had "persistent high fevers".  When I asked them to be more specific since I have one child who is struggling to keep her temperature under 101* (since Wednesday).  They seemed a little confused.  The nurse said that "persistent" would mean that it doesn't come down & a "high fever" would be anything greater than 101*.  So, I explained again that my daughter was there for just that reason...and what would they be doing for her?  They sent us home with a prescription for cough syrup.  They never did address the fever issue.  So, today we are off to see the family doctor and hopefully will get some answers.
I've been busy off & on all weekend...
what I've been describing as "productively destructive".
I've disassembled 3 plaid shirts and a stack of jeans.
I've watched several movies, finished binding 2 bartered projects & even washed some wool last night.
I'll have pictures later today!
Hope you have a good one!
And avoid those plagues!


  1. What is it with ERs that they don't get why you are there? So sorry you had to go through that. Feel better soon.

  2. I hope everyone is feeling better by now and that you got some answers! How frustrating that must have been!