Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Love Being Random...

...Especially when it makes me a winner!

A great big "Thank you!" to the wonderful Blogger's Quilt Festival sponsor From Here To Quilternity!

This was my first time participating...and I loved it!  
What a wonderful experience to be able to participate and SO many gorgeous quilts & wonderful blogs!  
I'm already looking forward to the Fall 2012 Festival!   
Amy did such an amazing job of organizing everything!

I am finally winding down from our Spring soccer season.  I'm ready for a nice little break.  Soon you will be seeing some lovely views of North Carolina's Outer Banks.  I've found a fun new knitting of the good things to come out of our little battle with pneumonia.  I met a lovely lady at the hospital's x ray waiting room and she shared the name of the yarn and showed me just how quick and easy it was to knit.

I'm hoping to be able to fit my Jelly Roll Jive in red, white & blue into the suitcase so that I can get started with the hand quilting.  My thought is that if I can associate it with a trip to the beach I will be more likely to continue working on it and get it finished in a reasonable amount of time.  

Had a very busy day today (and got a sunburn) at soccer, so I am off to crash for the night.  I still have one of Kelly's quilts to finish binding and I'm going to pop in a movie and "Get 'er done!"

Do you have a favorite movie (or music) that you like for your quilting time?
Tonight it's going to be The Changeling for me.


  1. Congratulations! :-) When I have time for sewing, I love to "watch" old classic movies, comedies especially. I find them conforting :-).