Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Beachy!

I absolutely LOVE being at the beach!

Darren is a Mountain Man, but he seems to enjoy just how happy I can be when he gets me to the ocean.

Yesterday, the life guard said we were getting a storm...I also happen to love storms...but it never really showed up.

Here are a few more pictures of us enjoying the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Standing...yes, I said a hole.

Flying kites

My Water Babies

Even the big kids like playing in the sand.

My boys in the hot tub.
Oh, and I finished a scarf!  I'll take pictures later today...


  1. Replies
    1. It sure is!
      Just wish I could find a yarn or quilt shop close by...I'm thinking I should just move here and open my own business!

  2. Wonderful, you all have such a lovely time, hurray! :-))) Please send us some clouds, we already have here 35 degrees Celsius in shadow :-(...

    1. I wish I could! The wind is keeping us off the beach and the sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge...I hope we can make it there tomorrow. It's one of our favorite things to do when we come here.