Friday, June 15, 2012

On the Needles & Knitting Addiction

On the way back from the aquarium, we stopped at a couple of Thrift Shops.  They were a little too expensive for me...

Then, we stopped at Knitting Addiction...Oh, my goodness!  
They have some great yarns!
Darren & Thing 1 were touching EVERYTHING!
I was just trying not to drool on anything.

I have been wanting to learn how to knit socks and the owner, Jeanne Shrader has written some really great patterns.

I'm linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times...she has started "On the Needles" to help motivate herself and others to take time to knit.
Jeanne talked me into starting with a newborn sock since we both felt that I could have the cuff knitted up and get back to the shop for her to help me turn the heel before we leave on Sunday.

I haven't done much knitting on DPNs and I've ripped out the stitches at least 3 times since 5pm last night.
This mornings "do over" K2, P2 ribbing. hour later...
Here is what I am working with...

 The yarn is a sock yarn that I purchased on clearance at AC Moore.  I figured it would be a good "practice" yarn and I wouldn't be wasting too much money on my first attempts at knitting socks.

So, I better get busy.  Darren has offered to take me out to lunch (since I missed the seafood buffet on Wednesday) and back to Knitting Addiction this afternoon!

Stop over at Judy's and see what the other knitters are working on!


  1. Hang in there! Before you know it you will have your first sock completed. It gets easier and easier with each pair you make. And you get much FASTER as you go, too!

  2. Do NOT let the idea of socks scare you! If I can do them, anyone can! The only other thing I had ever made (no lie!) was a couple of cotton yarn dishcloths, and those were nothing but simple garter stitch. I used the book "Simply Sensational Socks" by Charlene Schurch, and have never looked back! That was last year, and I am working on my 23rd pair of socks. You will love them, I promise!

  3. I'm wondering if it is harder to work on so few stitches then a larger number-especially the first few rows. That's where I always have a problem.

  4. I have made lots of socks and I still find starting out and those first few rows of the cuff so tedious but it will get easier. Just hang in there. You can do it.

  5. Socks are fun....... Keep on practicing and you will be an old hand at it in no time.......

  6. Thank you so much, ladies! You are such an encouragement!