Monday, June 4, 2012

Open House

Earlier this year, as I was beginning to find my way around blogland, I came across a blog that had Sheeps and Peeps listed as one of the blogs that they followed.  
I immediately noticed that they were in West Virginia so, I went to check out the blog.
They quickly became one of my favorites!
Lots of beautiful pictures of their farm & animals.

Well, yesterday they had an open house and I got to meet the shepherdesses.  They are lovely ladies and I had a wonderful time visiting with them "in person".

My daughters and I had a wonderful adventurous trip to the farm.  We got lost (not really, but we didn't know that at the time); back-tracked to Cool Springs (more photos later on that adventure); stopped off at one of the civil war trails in historic Rowlesburg...
...and took the back way up to the farm.  We turned onto a gravel road and while the view was amazing, the road was not!
 We finally arrived and parked our car, and this was the view that greeted us.
 There are some wonderful pictures on the Sheeps and Peeps blog, but we went ahead and took a few of our own.  My youngest daughter now wants sheep!  She absolutely loved the black ones...but then, that suits her.
There was a selection of yummy yarns for sale.
 I always enjoy watching other spinners spin...and this lovely lady was no exception.  
The wool she was spinning was a natural fleece that was producing a lovely thread with browns, greys and even a bit of yellow.  
Very interesting...I just wish I could see how it looks once it is plied.  
I'm sure it will be absolutely gorgeous.
There were jars of locks in a Cosmos solar dye.  They do a variety of natural dyes...Looks like fun!
The girls and I had a wonderful visit; we sat and listened to the Celtic musicians, Meredith got a pony ride but I missed getting a picture of that. 

I brought home a bag of Raspberry spinning batts... 
 ...and a small bag of colored locks that I can't wait to play with!
 I also got a few tips on how to clean the fleeces that were given to me by another farming friend.
 I might even get around to cleaning these before we leave for the beach!
Well, I am off to our last soccer game for the Spring Recreational season.  I will have a  week off before the optional High School practices start up and then the month of July before we start all over again in August.  Perhaps I will be better organized for the fall season...
...One can only hope!


  1. We are so happy you made the trip to the farm! It was a beautiful day, and it was wonderful talking with you.

  2. This is the spinning lady. Thanks for coming and sharing our big day. I really enjoyed talking with you. Regarding your lack of extra spindles, have you thought of taking the one you have to a good woodworker to see if it can be copied?