Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soccer Starts Now!

Just spent 4 hours at the first (2) soccer practice(s) for  the season.
Had to make a trip back to town for pizza since my boys were STARVING!
Then a quick run into Wal Mart...that only took an hour...

And now,  it's ME time!

And I'm going to enjoy every bit of it!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nothing Quilty Today

This morning Thing 2 had an orthodontist appointment.  About a year and a half ago, he had to have a tooth pulled and since it was a baby tooth that wouldn't grow in for quite some time they put a "space maintainer" in.  It is a permanent retainer that he is ready to be done with.  

Today, at our check up, Thing 1 says "I have a bubble on my tooth."

WHAT?!  A bubble on your TOOTH?!  Let me see!

Yep.  There's a bubble on his gum.  Just below the same tooth that Thing 2 had pulled.  (Twin thing...they get bumps, bruises, scars and apparently abscesses in the same place.  Not always at the same time, but almost always the same place.)

Now, we are hanging out, waiting to go back to the regular dentist to have that tooth looked at.  The orthodontists thinks we will be back to see her again soon to get another retainer put in.


I really wanted to finish up the Fun & Done today.  Guess I'll just work one seam at a time.  Maybe, just maybe I will be able to get it done before bed tonight.

Hope your day goes better than mine...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP 3/28/2012

I have been busy working on the Fun & Done...
I've accomplished a lot today.
But, it's still not done.
It sounds so simple...
Make 2 more joins,
top stitch
and bind.

But, it's so heavy.
I don't do much machine quilting and its because I don't like to wrestle with all of the weight.
And this one has a lot of weight.

It's nearly done.
And that's good enough for me.
I think I'll stop for the day.

Here are a few pictures the boys took today while on their field trip to Arthurdale.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guess I'm not the Only One...(or BOMs 3/27/2012)

I missed Monday. 
I missed my update on my BOMs.
I guess I'll blame it on this crazy weather.
We went from 70's & 80's to an overnight low of mid 20's.
Even though I have my own extreme mood swings, I just can't accept it when the weather does the same thing!

So, now that Lyn is up with her BOMs Away linky, (she missed Monday too) I guess I will get on with my update.

I haven't done anything more with Morgan's Sampler.  Just the 7 blocks completed.

Craftsy was caught up last week.

Barrister's Blocks are coming along.  I was just about caught up when Randy posted another 3 blocks.  Which means that I have 9 blocks finished for 2 separate quilts.  I am doing 1 in the reds, tans & browns that I am using for my Cinnamon & Nutmeg and another in Civil War reproductions.

Reds, Browns & Tans
Broken Dishes Block
Civil War reproductions
Broken Dishes block
 I also started the tutorial at The Littlest Thistle.  Foundation Paper Piecing for the Terrified.  This is my first paper piecing project.
Paper Pieced Courthouse Steps...Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified tutorial
back of Paper peicing
Loopy Stitches...Is this because I'm sewing through paper?
More loopy stitches
NEW! Kerrington's Quilt
 I started a quilt for my niece in CA.  She will be 2 on Friday.  I don't think I will get it to her in time for her birthday, but maybe for Easter...
Kerrington's borders and sashing
Mario Pillows
Scrappy Plate Club Dresden Fabric
I also managed to get two more rows top stitched on the Fun & Done.  That leaves me 2 rows of blocks to top stitch, then attaching the rows to each other, top stitching those and finishing the binding once all of the rows are attached.  I'll finish it eventually...

I am hoping to get a lot of work done today since we have another Field Trip tomorrow.  The big kids have an early dismissal on Thursday so we might be headed out to the movies and Saturday is interpreter training at the frontier fort that I volunteer at.  It's gonna get busy!

Have a good one!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What did you do this week?

It's been busy around here.
I finally got some sewing time yesterday.
And it felt really good.
Hubs says when I get cranky from now on, he is just going to lock me in my room so I can sew. 
I figure I will be getting a lot crankier now.

Here are some pictures of this week's activities:

Reds & Browns. 6 1/2" blocks
Civil War. 6 1/2" blocks
Miss L's first shooting lesson
Miss M's "Charlie's Angels" stance
Miss M & the Shotgun
Miss L & the Shotgun
Me & the Shotgun...ever wonder about "the Compound" in my blog title?
My "little" Miss M
My "big" Miss M
Yes.  This is what happens on a fairly regular basis at my house.  The Firemen have dubbed our place as "The Compound".  We are NOT "preppers", but we do enjoy a little target shooting.  My husband, born & raised in WV, insists that we all NEED to know how to shoot. 

I guess we are preppers to some degree...only we are prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse...

Later I will give an update on my "Yester-Year" project for the Quilt Monster.

Enjoy your Day!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3.21.2012

It's Wednesday...and that means linking up at Freshly Pieced.

I haven't gotten much done this week (quilting-wise).  Like most everyone else, we are enjoying 80 degree days and lots of outdoor work that needs to be taken care of.

I've only managed to do a little work on my BOMs, but I did manage to get my Kindle Tutorial biggest WIP is now a finished product.  

Check it out!  And leave me a link to pictures if you make any.  

I'd love to see how they turn out!

Here is the list of all my current WIPs (including the BOMs)

1. Cinnamon & Nutmeg  No Progress
2. Prairie Paisley HSTs  No Progress
3. Jelly Roll Jive  No Progress
4. Fun & Done  No Progress
5. Pinwheels in my Garden  No Progress
6. Morgan's Jelly Roll Sampler  Progress!  7 Blocks finished
7. Kristi's T Shirt quilt  No Progress
8. Craftsy BOM  Progress!  March blocks finished
9. Barrister's Blocks SAL  Progress!  2 more blocks finished (now I'm only about 12 blocks behind)
10. Hand-quilted Table Runner  No Progress  This one is getting added since it was just returned to me.  It was part of an Apprenticeship Projects Exhibit at my local university.
11. Kindle Sleeve Tutorial  FINISHED!!
NEW!  11. Kerrington's quilt  NEW!  Pressed, cut and waiting to be pieced

Enjoy the Day!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Linky Party!

Good Morning, all!

Thankfully I am feeling much better this morning.  Yesterday was just a little rough on me & in turn, I was more than a little rough on everyone else.  *sigh*

But, I finally got my tutorial up for the Kindle Sleeve!  Yea!

So, I am linking up with Connie over at Quilting by the River.  

Enjoy all of the wonderful projects.  

It is supposed to be another gorgeous day here, so I probably won't have much to report on my quilting this week...we have tons of stuff to get in the garden and I am still trying to talk everyone into getting some chickens.  I may just have to wait a little longer and get some that are "ready to lay" instead of the really cute baby chicks.

Hope you have a glorious day!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Kindle Sleeve Tutorial

Alright, Folks...

I think I've finally got it.

My very FIRST tutorial.  (Please, go easy on me if I've left anything out or made any mistakes.)  

A great big Thank You to Christine for her testing, proofreading, editing and great advice!
Feel free to make as many as you want for gifts, but please do not sell them.
Contact me by email if you have any questions.
I have used lots of pictures, so if I missed anything they should help.


Kindle Sleeve Tutorial

This pattern is designed to be a quick and easy project.  There will be a RAW edge on the inside.

The measurements that I am using will provide you with a quilted piece that can be adjusted to fit MOST Kindle sizes.  (If you enlarge all measurements by about 3”, it should fit the DX version.)

Top: 10”x13”
Batting: 11”x13”
Backing: 11”x13”

Layer backing (wrong side up), batting and top (right side up) with the layers closely stacked at the bottom. 
Secure layers; quilt as desired; and Press.

First trim the excess fabric and batting from the bottom creating a straight edge.

Next square up both sides.

Now, we will trim the top edge.

Place RIGHT SIDE DOWN on the cutting mat.

Fold the backing fabric away from the edge so that it will be protected UNDER the ruler.
Remove quilting stitches if necessary.

Cut the top fabric and the batting 8 ¾” from the bottom.  (Most Kindles will fit this size…if you are unsure about yours double check it by laying your device on the fabric before cutting.  Allow 1” at the bottom for a seam allowance.)



Place right side up on your cutting mat and trim the top of the backing ¾” beyond the top of the quilted layers.

Double fold to create a binding at the top.

Press; Pin in place; and Top stitch, securing your stitches at the top.

Using your Kindle as a guide, place it on the right side of your quilted rectangle.  Fold over and pin the sides together.  You can decide how snug you want the sleeve to fit.

Mark your stitching line and remove your device.

Stitch on your marked line.  

Double check your fit.  You can use your stitches as a guide to make adjustments if necessary.  Remember, you will have a seam inside as well...

Trim the edge to ¼”.

Do not turn right side out yet.  We still need to stitch the bottom.

Mark a ¼” stitching line from the bottom with rounded corners.  (I used a shot glass.)

Stitch closed.  Be sure to reinforce your seam by stitching up the side an inch or so.

Trim the corners.

Turn right side out.