Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peepers (in a jar)

I just couldn't stay inside yesterday!
I really needed to get the little garden spot outside my window cleaned up.  
Thought it might help me be a little more motivated in the morning.
Instead of looking like just another mess to deal with.
So, outside we these garden messies:
Purple Flags (They look much better now!)

hillside flower bed

My "holding tank"...where the plants go before they find a home.

This is the mess outside my window...
I managed to get all of these areas cleaned up.  (I was just too tired to remember to take pictures.)  Mostly just removing leaves & last season's dried blooms.  The boys found the Spring Peepers & of course, they went into the Mason jar.  Man, are those things noisy!!

We have some lovely daffodils.
And WORMS...WE HAVE SOME KILLER our flower beds!
This thing was HUGE!! Even the twins were impressed.
I did manage to get my Barrister's Block sow along caught up...sort of...I cut the blocks that I was behind on and then found out that Randy had posted a few extra blocks. 

Happy Thoughts!  Spring has finally Sprung...and I hope you are enjoying yours!

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