Monday, March 19, 2012

Kindle Sleeve Tutorial

Alright, Folks...

I think I've finally got it.

My very FIRST tutorial.  (Please, go easy on me if I've left anything out or made any mistakes.)  

A great big Thank You to Christine for her testing, proofreading, editing and great advice!
Feel free to make as many as you want for gifts, but please do not sell them.
Contact me by email if you have any questions.
I have used lots of pictures, so if I missed anything they should help.


Kindle Sleeve Tutorial

This pattern is designed to be a quick and easy project.  There will be a RAW edge on the inside.

The measurements that I am using will provide you with a quilted piece that can be adjusted to fit MOST Kindle sizes.  (If you enlarge all measurements by about 3”, it should fit the DX version.)

Top: 10”x13”
Batting: 11”x13”
Backing: 11”x13”

Layer backing (wrong side up), batting and top (right side up) with the layers closely stacked at the bottom. 
Secure layers; quilt as desired; and Press.

First trim the excess fabric and batting from the bottom creating a straight edge.

Next square up both sides.

Now, we will trim the top edge.

Place RIGHT SIDE DOWN on the cutting mat.

Fold the backing fabric away from the edge so that it will be protected UNDER the ruler.
Remove quilting stitches if necessary.

Cut the top fabric and the batting 8 ¾” from the bottom.  (Most Kindles will fit this size…if you are unsure about yours double check it by laying your device on the fabric before cutting.  Allow 1” at the bottom for a seam allowance.)



Place right side up on your cutting mat and trim the top of the backing ¾” beyond the top of the quilted layers.

Double fold to create a binding at the top.

Press; Pin in place; and Top stitch, securing your stitches at the top.

Using your Kindle as a guide, place it on the right side of your quilted rectangle.  Fold over and pin the sides together.  You can decide how snug you want the sleeve to fit.

Mark your stitching line and remove your device.

Stitch on your marked line.  

Double check your fit.  You can use your stitches as a guide to make adjustments if necessary.  Remember, you will have a seam inside as well...

Trim the edge to ¼”.

Do not turn right side out yet.  We still need to stitch the bottom.

Mark a ¼” stitching line from the bottom with rounded corners.  (I used a shot glass.)

Stitch closed.  Be sure to reinforce your seam by stitching up the side an inch or so.

Trim the corners.

Turn right side out.





  1. Kris your tutorial is AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT! I am going to definitely making more for Christmas gifts. You did a FABULOUS JOB! The Pictures are fantastic!!! CONGRATS.. Thank you for letting me beta test for you! I had fun!

  2. Great tutorial!! I look forward to seeing more :)