Sunday, March 4, 2012

What a Week!

It's Sunday.  
Time to start a new week.
What a crazy week this has been.

My poor hubby was working during the first big storm.  He had a crazy night at work and had to come home to a "previously" flooded basement.  The kids and I had most of the furniture moved out and the water sopped up, but we still needed to move some of the larger furniture pieces and clean.

When I got home from the store with the cleaning supplies, I showed him a bag of DampRid that I found on clearance.  This is what he did with it:
 He fell asleep.  Not what it's intended for.  He insists that he was ignoring me...but he obviously had worked way too hard!

Last night at our Feb/Mar birthday party with friends, he was treated to a wonderful massage by Maggie.  She has amazing hands!  And doesn't he look happy? 

While the storms were raging, I was hiding in my happy place quilting.  Or planning blocks.  Or making bags.

Here are a few things that I worked on this week:
Sampler Block 4 "Rolling Stone"
Sampler Block 5 (layout) "Rolling Pinwheel"
Farmer's Wife Blocks
Satchel for 2 with Kindle sleeve


  1. Poor guy.. Let him know though that I understand about working storms, and even though 1000's of miles separate us..I do appreciate all that the firefighters do everywhere! Much needed relaxation time for you guys at your party! Congrats on the awesome WIP...and I love that Satchel for two! Perfect match to my kindle sleeve.. :) hahahahah :) JK.

  2. I'm sure that he was just taking a power nap. Your WIP's are coming along fantastically.

  3. Your blocks are so nice and so well made! You are very good at this! :-)