Friday, March 9, 2012

I Won!!

Thank you so much, Barbara!  
Over at Cat Patches she is having "Fun Fact Friday Freebies" and I won last weeks drawing!  How cool is that?!
There is a button over to the right if you want to go check out all of the fun facts.

It's been a long week...
...but yesterday I managed to sneak over to my favorite Quilt Shop...
I got what I needed to finish stabilizing the blocks for Kristi's T shirt quilt, I bought a bit of Insul-Brite (I haven't tried using this yet.) and I found these lovely fabrics to add to my stash:
"Tweet Others With Kindness" by Keily Mueller

And Thing 2 found these really cool fish.  Not sure what we will do with this yet.

We have been crazy busy around here this week.  On Wednesday, I took Thing 1 & Thing 2 to the State Museum for a school field trip.  We had an amazing day!  Here are a few of the photos that Thing 2 took.  He really enjoys taking pictures (and I think he does a pretty good job)!
Quilted concrete


A light on the ceiling

Governor's grandfather clock

Delegate's Alien

My Favorite...



  1. Congrats... Looks like you had a busy busy Week! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  2. Congratulation! :-) Spring is smilling at you already! ;-) Beautiful pictures, but the one with the tree is really special.