Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Springing Forward

There are days that I wish I had the energy of Tigger.

Always bouncing.  

Never sitting still.

But, that's just not me.

I'm more of an Eeyore...
...slow to get moving, slow to keep moving.

This time change has been beautiful (temps in the high 60's & mid 70's all this week), but I just can't get going in the mornings.

The spring bug that has bitten the kids, on the other hand, has them running (far from home and chores) and jumping (in puddles creating more laundry) and playing.  No one is here to help with the pile of dirty dishes, the pile of dirty laundry and now there is a pile of dirty shoes right in front of the door.  

The dogs are finding stinky (most likely dead) things to roll in...and need baths at the end of the night.
I say all of this to say that I haven't accomplish much at all with my sewing.

Yesterday, I managed to steal away for an hour or two and worked on the blocks that I had previously cut for Morgan's Sampler.  I have to say that I am happy with how they are turning out.

With my new organizing system, these belong in my BOM category and today is Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday and I have nothing to report.  If you would like to see the current status, you can check out last week's post since not much has changed.

A few wonderful things did happen this week that will eventually make my sewing/quilting projects more fun!
THIS came in the mail from Barbara over at Cat Patches:

Isn't it lovely!  I can't wait to start my Dresdens now!  Exactly what I was planning on using...

And Darren stopped at Lowe's and picked up a peg board for my rulers...Thanks to my friend with the Quilt Monster in her closet...I will finally get my rulers organized!

Well, dishes are half done, laundry is waiting and the boys are doing Math, so I guess I'd better get busy if I'm going to get any sewing in today.

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  1. Keep your chin up! If it makes you feel better..I have snow falling on my daffodils. :( Thanks for the shout out! & I love your is turning out just wonderful! I am sure she is going to love it.