Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Water Never Hurt Anyone

Hubs just texted that we need to get ready for Round 2.
He is working...again...didn't get much sleep during the last storm.  As a firefighter, he was kept pretty busy for his 24 hr. shift.  Now he is there again.
I guess we are looking for possible tornadoes this time.
In WV?!  We don't get tornadoes in WV!
Anyway, he wanted to make sure I knew where to find the pitchfork so I can clean out the culvert if necessary.  
(This was the reason for our flooding on Wednesday...a plugged culvert.)

Lots of rain today.

I think I mentioned earlier how I enjoyed the thunder this morning...
...well, along with the thunder came a little rain.
a waterfall for my flower garden

Mudslide, anyone?

This is where we needed a skim board...

...that would have taken us right over the hill.

And this is where the water snuck in.  Guess we'll be putting a french drain in this summer.
We are fine.  No major damage.

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  1. Hope you are doing okay! Thoughts are with you that you do NOT see any tornados...and that you culvert stays clear!