Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally Friday!

It's Friday!

And I've signed on to participate in Cat Patches: Fun Fact Friday Freebies.  Here is where you can find out how it works.  I think this will be lots of fun! 

It's also a Friday Night Sew In day.  This one is organized by Heidi.  This is my first FNSI and I am getting all of my stuff ready to get busy sewing later this afternoon.  I have decided to make a Satchel for Two bag from Fig Tree Quilts.  I received the fabrics and pattern for Christmas this year and I hope I can get it put together tonight.  

 I spent the morning looking for the pattern (How do you lose something that fast?! It hasn't even been 2 months for goodness sake!)   Here's what it looks like:

 After I finally found it, I made my templates (something new for me...I've never made/used templates before).

 I might try and get the fabric cut so that I can just zip right through this, but I also need to head out to the quilt shop to pick up my fabric for the Cinnamon & Nutmeg quilt.

Oh, and I started a new sampler last night.  I'm going to use some left over Jelly Rolls from  Fig Tree Quilt's Urban Indigo line.  I am also using Pam & Nicky Lintott's book Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts.

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  1. Have Fun tonight...I'll be sewing with you over here in Washington State :) Have a great night and I look foward to seeing your projects. PS thanks for adding my button... You are super sweet!!