Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Thought Sunday Was a Day of Rest!

Wow!  What a day!
But, let me back up a couple of hours.  Last night the Stink Bugs were out in full force.  I couldn't stay in my room with the light on because they were buzzing all over the place.

Now...I have some sensory the buzzing was kind of driving me crazy.  I spent several hours on the internet looking for the best way to get rid of these things and found out that they are worse than rabbits about reproducing!  I made up my mind that I needed to attempt to kill these little critters.  Prior to yesterday, they were just a nuisance.  But now...I've had enough!  They have got to go!

So, this morning I emptied six baskets holding a variety of yarns, weaving supplies and wool.  Most of it is in the freezer to make sure that I kill any eggs that might have been laid.  Then I started scrubbing.  I've cleaned windows, washed down walls and wiped down furniture.  (I even emptied one dresser to clean out the drawers and check to see if any of those little beasties were hiding in there.)  When I pulled the window in to clean the tracks I found all kinds of squirmy legs in a space between the window and the exterior siding...NASTY!!

Mom & Dad came out to bring me the carpet steam cleaner and the supplies to make a "Stink Bug trap".  We will see in the morning how well it works.

I have to say that tonight, there aren't any bugs flying around my room!  Yea!

So...on to happier things...

After cleaning and re-organizing my quilting desk I decided to cut some T shirts for a quilt I've been planning for a while.

I also wrapped some shuttles with fabric so that I can start a rag rug.  I wasn't very productive in 2011 with my rug loom, and I figure I'd better get a few projects knocked out.  Then I can decide if I really want to keep it.

While I was sewing strips together and wrapping the shuttles, the Fam was in the kitchen playing Aggravation...with consequences.  Aggravation by itself was not so much fun for us so Darren made up consequences for sending someone "home".  It really is quite entertaining.

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  1. I hope your trap works and it sounds like it may! Good luck with that. Look forward to seeing how the TShirt Quilt turns out :)