Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

The only finish I had this week was the Satchel for 2 bag that I made on Friday for FNSI.  Well, actually it isn't completely finished since I am taking it with me this weekend to stitch up as we travel.

Current Projects:

1.  Cinnamon & Nutmeg (No Progress, although I did get my sashing fabric picked up.)
2.  Leftover Prairie Paisley HSTs (No Progress)
3.  Jelly Roll Jive (No Progress)
4.  Fun & Done (No Progress)
5.  Pinwheels in my Garden (No Progress)
6.  Jelly Roll Sampler (Progress: Block 1 assembled.  Blocks 2 & 3 cut and on design board.)
Sampler Block 1
Sampler Block 2

7.  T Shirt quilt (Progress: Shirts washed and cut.)

8.  Craftsy BOM (Progress: Ripped stitches and re-assembled Balkan Puzzle block.)

 9.  Farmers Wife (NEW Linked to Randy's Sow-along.  Blocks 1 & 2 completed.  I am making 2 sets of these and maybe a third in batiks.)

10.  Satchel for 2 (NEW Cut 1 pocket, but couldn't seem to process the scrappy fabric with the pattern instructions.)


  1. That's a great group of projects!

  2. Holy smokes, there's a lot going on there :) Great block, love the jelly roll sampler blocks and the farmers wife.

  3. Lovely blocks. you'll have a lovely sampler quilt.

  4. wow you have a lot going on - that is a pretty Spring purse!