Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday 2-13-2012

This morning I saw that lots of folks were showing off the projects on their design walls.  Well, I don't have a design wall...
...and I don't really have any projects started since I have been trying to finish up most of my projects.
So, after working on my "Fun & Done" and making adjustments to it again...(Darren didn't like the idea of make 2 quilts for the twins.  He wants to keep it as one that is big enough for our bed~I think he likes this one).

...I cut the fabric for a new quilt.

  I have been collecting fabric for this one since February 2009.
It's called Cinnamon & Nutmeg and will be made with reds, browns and tans. 

Most of the fabrics are Civil War reproductions and I am going to have LOTS left over!  I finally feel like I have a "stash" now!

All of my leftovers!

Sorry! I forgot to rotate the browns.

The tans

...and the reds! Love these!


I am so excited...can't you tell?!

So, now I can get started on the Farmer's Wife just as soon as I get a copy of the book!
Oh, and here are a few pics from yesterday's absolutely boring snow day...

Meredith's Piano Sandwich

John snowballs the house

James' penguin run


Thing 2 in pink

Thing 2 in black

Thing 2 in Pink & Black


  1. Love the Fabric Choices!!! I have that pattern still too from the magazine! I clip out the patterns I like and store them in Clear sleeves in a notebook :) Your little piano sandwich is too cute..and I thought for a second the red hair was real. HAHAHA...

  2. Oh, these fabrics are so nice! I adore these colors! They are warm and "speak" about a big, cosy, embracing quilt... or about enjoying staring at the fire in the fireplace in the cold long winter nights, while sipping a good red warm wine, flavored with some black pepper, a few cloves, sugar and some cinnamon... I think also about a mother's / grandmother's embrace... I'd better stop, there is no time to day-dream right now, I have a lot of things to do :-))))). Your kids are adorable! And so is the piano, wonderful idea :-))).