Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP 2-15-2012

This is my first blog linking to WIP Wednesdays with Freshly Pieced (there is a button on the left sidebar).  I hope it works...

I am currently working on 4 active projects with a plethora of fabric collections waiting for inspiration to strike.  Here they are in order of "Why isn't this finished yet?" to "Will I ever get this done?"

 This bag needs the lining stitched closed and it will be finished.

This is the "Fun & Done" that I started in November 2011.

The "Fun & Done" has been modified at least 3 times now.  During the class, I decided to make it full size instead of the throw that it was designed for.  When I got it back out to work on last month, I decided that I would make 2 throw sizes for the twins.  I spent most of a day removing the 10th block from each of the five rows, which was not easy because of the way it was pieced together.  I figured that I needed two more rows to finish the first quilt and was happy at the thought of having one quilt completed.  Then Darren came home and he said he liked it too well to give it to the twins.  So, I am back to making it a "large" twin (it covers a full size bed)...but I refuse to try and add those five blocks back on!  So, it is about half way done.

This is my 2nd Jelly Roll Jive...I need to post pics of the first one...This one is basted and waiting for me to start the hand quilting.  I have not hand quilted anything so this is a pretty intimidating project for me.  It's ready...I'm not.

This is not a great picture, but I finished piecing this top in 2009.  It is a Kansas Troubles pattern called "Pinwheels in my Garden".  I used a KT jelly roll and yardage to make this one.  It is queen size and has some borders that are not visible in this picture.  I love this one and have backing fabric and everything...I just can't make up my mind on the quilting process.  I'd like to hand quilt it, but it would probably never get finished ( I'm making progress on it now, as it sits in the bag...).  I'm afraid of the sticker shock if I ask for custom quilting, and I really don't want a standard stipple for it.

On Monday, I cut the center fabrics for my Cinnamon & Nutmeg quilt.  Yesterday, I stopped at the quilt shop and picked out the sashing and cornerstone fabrics.  I am excited to get going on this one since it has been sitting around the house for about 3 years.  I just love the colors!

Lots to do today...maybe I can squeeze a little quilting in before going to the grocery store...

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  1. Great quilts and I love your tote! Beautiful fabrics you have picked for your next quilt!
    Quilting by the River