Saturday, February 11, 2012

Change in Plans

Last night, we went to bed expecting snow.  This morning it was here.

We are anxiously awaiting a phone call from Daddy to see if he is going to be able to leave work as scheduled to come home.

IF the roads are safe enough, we will pack up and head out to my parent's to celebrate my Dad's birthday.
IF the roads continue to look good, we will move on to a Chocolate Party that we have been looking forward to all week.  We even have our chocolate ready...

Last night, I thought I would work on the Fun & Done quilt...this morning, I decided to make it two throw size quilts.  The twins were wrapped up tight last night, but still wanted more blankets.  Since they only have their snuggle rag quilts, I have decided that they will get the Fun & Done quilts.

I've been thinking about the 2012 UFO challenge that I found last night.  I think I'm going to get my list together and jump in...I know its a little late...and that takes me down to 10 projects (11 if I start today).

Here is my list so far...

1. Fun & Done (Thing 1)
2. Fun & Done (Thing 2)  
3. Kristi's T-shirt quilt
4. Christmas Panel
5. Halloween Panel
6. 3 Christmas stockings
7. 3 Christmas stockings
8. 3 Christmas stockings (Yes, I do have 9)
9. Jelly Roll Jive in Prairie Paisley (hand quilting)

If I remember correctly, we will be drawing numbers to find out what project to work on, but if I get to July and haven't started on my holiday projects, I might have to cheat a little.

I also like Barbara's 2012 NewFO Projects and I have a list for that as well...

1. Cinnamon & Nutmeg
2. KT Christmas Jelly Roll project (I haven't chosen a pattern yet)
3. Jelly Roll Sampler
4. Beach fabric aprons
5. 2 for 1 Satchel 
6. Kindle bag
7. Christine at Quilt Monster in my Closet has me thinking about doing a Farmer's Wife quilt.

So, I guess I had better quit yapping here and get busy.

Just found out that the roads are too bad to venture out.  We will be having a chocolate party of our own here at home and we will be singing "Happy Birthday" over the phone.


  1. Your chocolates look delicious! As for the snow, well, do not worry, we have most of it here! :-)))))

  2. Wow... Lots of snow! Your chocolate looks so very Yummy!! Can you mail some to me here in Washington :) haha. JK. Stay safe and warm in the snow... a phone call sounds much safer :)