Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My biggest WIP is to get my blog in order.  I am finding all of these really great blogs by some really neat people.  I hope at some point this week to pick up buttons from the bloggers that have them and maybe find out how to create one of my own (I would appreciate any help with this :))

As for quilting & sewing projects, I am still working on my February blocks for Craftsy's BOM (click the button in my sidebar if you are interested).  I have finished (unless I go back and rip it again) the Balkan Puzzle block and am getting ready to put rows together on the Chunky Chevron block.

I finished the final stitches in two of my "Project Bags".  I am planning on looking into an etsy shop.  But for now, I am building a bag stash.

The finished bags.  There are now 3 done.

The WIP bag
 Still no progress on the Fun & Done quilt, although I did roll out the current row and press it just to be able to say I did something to it.  The main reason I haven't worked on this one is that I am too lazy to change out the thread.

I have my Jelly Roll Jive quilt basted and it is waiting for the hand quilting.  I'm not sure when I will get to that...


  1. Oh, wow! You made beautiful bags! Beautiful! :-)

  2. Thank you! Love the photos on your site =)