Friday, May 11, 2012


I thought I had some pictures of my "Ugly Fabric".
I planned to do a quick update.
But, alas, no pictures & the camera battery is "exhausted". Again.
Things are still going crazy here. 
But here are a few pictures of some of the things that are consuming my time.
Only the fun stuff, I promise! 
(You don't need to see the checkbook mess, the budgeting mess and all of the resumes & job applications...or the dirty laundry & dishes!)
Sleeves waiting to be "fitted" for the Kindle Fire

Kerrington's Quilt...I've been working on this while the pictures were uploading!

Basket Weave dishcloth
 I am binding a few projects for Kelly.  She is my long arm quilter & we've bartered several projects.  She does some discounted quilting for me and I do some bindings for her.  Love how that works out!
Kelly's Table Runner

Kelly's Table Runner #2

Kelly's lap quilt/wall hanging (I really love this one!)

Thing 1 in Goal

Thing 1 Ready for Anything!

Thing 2 & the coach's boy...Team Captains
Well, the camera battery should be just about charged up.  Kerrington's quilt top is finished.  I am headed out to the yard to take some pictures.

See you later!
(and I'll have photos of my "Uglies".)

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