Monday, April 9, 2012

The Angry Quilt

Most quilts are given a name when they are first begun.
Typically mine are named after the pattern and/or the fabric line I am using.
Sometimes they are named for the person who is going to receive it when it is finally finished.

This quilt...
...has had many names.  It began as a "Fun & Done" class from my LQS in November 2011.
January 2012
Then, I decided that it didn't need to be in my room, but could be split in half and given to the twins.
2 Fun & Done quilts
February 2012
Darren informed me that he really likes it and yes, it does belong in our room.
It needs to be a "Finally Done!" quilt.
There was still a lot to do: joining rows and top-stitching blocks & rows.

Later in February...
At this point, it has been called many things...none of them "fun" and none of them "done".  But, we'll not go on about that list.

Today, it is FINALLY FINISHED.  It was fun in the beginning...and fun in the end. (Well, putting on the final stitches made me happy...even if it wasn't fun.)

Now Darren says: "We'll call this one the Angry Quilt."

Whatever we call it (I'm sure they will be much nicer names now), it is finally done.

I'll be taking it to Guild on Friday for Show & Tell. 
I won't let anyone look too closely because in all of my frustration, I took a lot of short cuts. 
I should have used the walking foot, but didn't. 
I should have lined the blocks up more carefully, but didn't. 
I should have lined my seams up more carefully, but didn't. 

Did I say,  "IT'S DONE!!"?

Enjoy the rest of your day...I know I will!



  1. Hey, it's done, this means it's perfect! :-))) Nice and fun story, thank you for sharing it! :-)))

  2. Beautiful quilt, looks like you won the battle!! So when are you making another one????
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday