Friday, January 20, 2012

Rag-tag Monsters

On Sunday, I pulled out the pieces for the twins' Monster Rag quilts.  There was still a good bit of sewing to do, but it went along rather quickly.

I was finished sewing the first one and by 8pm.  As the family settled in to watch Winter Wipeout, I started clipping.  I am so glad that I purchased these spring loaded scissors several years ago.  

These are the best scissors ever for clipping rag quilts.  They are from Heritage Cutlery and I absolutely LOVE them!

After 5 days, I finally found another opportunity to work on the 2nd Monster's quilt and I learned a very valuable lesson... my house (where my bedroom is my sewing room), you cannot leave the sewing table or ironing board empty for 5 days.  This is what happens...

Everything migrates!  I spent at least 1/2 an hour moving, folding, putting away and rearranging things...then I had to vacuum...

...another thing I learned is that if I have a quilt or fabric spread out all over the floor, no one bothers my stuff & the room doesn't get as dirty.  But, if I pick everything up when I am done, they will wear their shoes on the carpet, bring in food and leave a mess that needs to be cleaned before I can spread out my stuff again!

Alright, enough complaining.  Here are the photos I took of the assembly of the Monster Rag Quilt...

The front of the quilt before clipping

The back

Close up of the monster fabric

Quilt after clipping
And finally, the happy boys...

...and their raggy Monster quilts.

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