Saturday, October 10, 2015

What shall I do first?

Thing 1 & Thing 2 are at Gram & Pap's for the weekend. 

The Princess has had her interview for Berea and we are back home with a free weekend. 

There is plenty to do, but where do I begin?

If I clean the kitchen, I'll want to recover the chairs (I've been wanting to do that for a while & The Boy has pulled all of my fabrics out of his room).

If I want to work on Baby Girl's quilt, I'll need to clean the sewing room...
Yep. Nothing happening in there anytime soon. 

Of course, I could cut the new fabric that I got this weekend.

Then, there are Darren's socks. I'm almost finished with the gusset increase. I think I could get that to the next stage rather quickly. 

Then, there is laundry, bills to pay, the checkbook to balance, stink bugs to gather and flush, my little garden that is so close to being ready for spring (just a few more weeds to pull), and the chicken coop that needs cleaned and composted in the main garden. 

It's a great day for outside work, but I'm thinking I'd rather spin or knit or sew...

I guess the best place to start is re-assessing our funds. At least I won't have it hanging over my head for the week and will be able to relax and enjoy any sit down time that arises. 

What do you do when a weekend opens up without any major responsibilities?

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