Monday, October 12, 2015

Home Alone

I find myself all alone this morning. 
It doesn't happen often. 
The only bad thing is I'm running shuttle all day. 

Said "Good bye" to Baby Girl at 7:15.
Took The Princess to school at 7:30. 
Took The Boy to work at 8:30. 
Will need to pick up The Boy at 1 and The Princess at 3.

Lots of interruptions, lots to do. 

I'm thinking Monday's need to be a day for working on Baby Girl's Christmas quilt. Actually, I need to decide on a pattern for this quilt. I've been making 4 patch blocks, but haven't come up with a final design. 

I also need to get Darren's socks to the next's socks take a lot longer to knit than ladies & childrens. He may only ever get this one pair. 

Maybe I'll just crawl back under the covers and look through quilting magazines and see what I come up with. After all, I don't often have a day to do whatever I want.

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