Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Accomplishments & a Do-Over

I am not a morning person. 

But, if I'm going to survive the upcoming winter, I'm thinking a routine might be good. So, I started today. 

Before noon:
1. Washed dishes & straightened up the kitchen
2. Folded a load of towels
3. Washed a load of jeans
4. Balanced the checkbook
5. Finished most of the Twins' schoolwork
6. Took the Princess to school and The Boy to work

After noon:
1. Threw a fit due to the washer not spinning out
2. Threw another fit because of ladybugs and stink bugs
3. Picked the Princess up from school
4. Fought with the washer again & decided to put jeans in the dryer anyway
5. Sorted my "strings" quilting box and separated Kansas Troubles, Civil War prints & plaids from all of the other fabrics

Now, I'm on to Darren's socks. I frogged them on Monday and started over. I figure if I make time to knit for an hour or more each day I might be able to finish them before his birthday on November 7. 

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