Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday 8-19-15

With the second week of school underway, I haven't had much time for any of my projects. 

I did spend a day at the lake with my family and spun the remaining "Mermaid Hair" and "John's Red, White & Blue". The RW&B is plied and on the niddy-noddy but the yardage isn't counted. The "Mermaid Hair" is wound, but not measured or plied. I think I'll leave it as a single since I like the color blend so much. 


I haven't gotten any farther on my Sand Castle Shawl. I'm at the final lace repeat but it isn't a good project for school time. 

Springs Folk Festival is just around the corner. I need to get going on my shawl for that. I'm afraid it's going to be really cold this year. 

If you are anywhere near Casselman Creek in western Maryland, stop and see us at "Stag & Steel Cutlery"!

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