Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Refuse to TINK!

I was so excited about finally getting to the final garter stitch rows on my Sand Castle Shawl that I forgot to yarn over at the change back to my MC. 


I will TINK 2 stitches at the other end before switching back to the contrast and increase somewhere in the middle to fix this.

I'm not good at fixing my mistakes...my entire final row of eyelets is off by one at the bottom (my holes don't line up). But, I can live with that. And I'll live with this. 

I'm almost to the lace section and my mom is getting anxious to get her hands on this. With fall just around the corner and her chemo continuing through October, I need to get this finished. I'm going to skip the beads since she does more lounging. I'm a lot like her and I don't think she will enjoy having little beads to lay on. 

So, here's where we are right now...

Looking pretty good I think!

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