Sunday, August 2, 2015

Skipping A Day at the Lake

Yes. I passed on a day, well, an evening actually, at the lake. I was in the midst of 460ish stitches of the Sand Castle Shawl and, I wanted to watch American Pharoah dance across the finish line at the Haskell. 

I'm glad I chose to stay here. The beauty of that horse was worth it!

A few other things going on around here...
I'm slowly getting my little garden spot cleared and the stones re-laid. A little weeding each day and I expect I will be happy with it by the time the snows come. 

The boys leveled out the front steps today and it's a great improvement from what I attempted a while back. 

We will occasionally purchase new stepping stones and make a full sidewalk up to the driveway. 

I'm also making my first attempt to save seeds for next year. I planted a few (all that I had) Lazy Housewife beans along the short side of the front porch. They've done really well. We didn't harvest enough to cook, but we've all enjoyed grabbing a bean every now and then and eating it on our way to the car. 

Are you finishing up any projects as we begin the final days of summer?

I hope you are. Enjoy these days. The snow and cold are just around the corner. 


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