Sunday, August 16, 2015

August LEFA

Today was our monthly get together at Tygart Lake Lodge. I love getting to spend time with these amazing ladies. So many similarities, but all so different!

2 ladies quilting, one knitting, 3 spinning and one that just came to visit with everyone. (She usually is our crochet-er.)

I didn't take any pictures while there, but I have a couple of my "gleanings".

Almost every month, someone is cleaning this or sorting that or has decided they just don't need something and so they bring it for the rest of us to politely pass off to one another. If (like today) I'm the last one to arrive, I don't hesitate at the end of the day to say "I'll take it!" And go home with all kinds of experimental fibers. 

Today, there were 2 cones of alpaca, 
1 cotton and 1 white labeled as "not acrylic". I also brought home a spool of handspun. 
When I got home, I finished spinning the "Mermaid's Hair" and then played with the white alpaca and a left over bit of my Buckhannon Brown & Grey. 

I like how these plied, so I'll probably do the same to the Mermaid's Hair. Just so I can have more yardage to work with. I only purchased 2.5 oz of the mixed fiber so I could experiment with a combination that included wool, alpaca & nylon. 

So. There's the update. I've been nipped by the spinning bug! I'm off to spin some of John's red, white and blue. 

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