Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spice Finish

Well...sort of.
I did get both socks finished last night but I forgot to pack my yarn needles. So that leaves 1 sock still on the needles but it will only take about a minute to stitch the toe closed and weave in the ends.
I'm not crazy about the sock yarn I used but before I give up on that brand completely I am going to do one more pair. I cast on "Pink Sugar" last night. I am using size 3 dpns this time. I gauged and I'm pretty sure that this pair will fit me.
We will be packing up to head home shortly but I'm going to get a few rounds done.

These will be my 3rd pair. I am on a limited budget and have purchased my sock yarns at Joann Fabrics and AC Moore. I am saving the yarn that I purchased at Knitting Addiction, the lys in the Outer Banks, until I am more comfortable with the sock knitting process.
So, my question is...What is your favorite yarn for knitting socks?
(My birthday is in February & I just might have to treat myself to something nice.)

Ready to knit...Enjoy your day!

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  1. I've used yarns from Joann's and Hobby Lobby and not been happy with them. I much prefer the yarn I order from Knitpicks--although some people aren't so fond of them. I think they are high quality and very affordable. None of the socks I've made with Knitpicks yarn have worn out (I've been knitting them for quite a few years.)