Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's Officially THE FLU!

Yep, we've got it!

It's been a crazy day, but so sweet to watch Thing 1 taking care of Thing 2.  Last night Thing 1 was feeding Thing 2 Ruffles & sips of water, today he is monitoring fevers & letting me know when Thing 2 needs more medicine.  They are just the sweetest!

I played around today with a little free motion quilting.  This is a first for me.  I had to take my feed dogs out...they don't drop & it took a couple of tries to get my "little Bigfoot" attached.  I'm not going to show you any pictures...OCD...and all that.  But I am hoping to spend a little bit of time each day taking my machine apart, putting other parts on & practicing my FMQ.

After two really sorry looking pieces, I took everything apart and worked on my UFO wall hanging for my sister-in-law.  Now I'm off to see if I can find the rest of the fabric to finish the borders and cross it off my list.

This one was scrapped a couple of years ago because I didn't like the floral print.  It is too light and fades into the ivory background.  I didn't have the money to purchase new fabrics and I was tired of looking at it so I didn't rip it apart. 
Since this was one of my first quilt attempts, my seams are no where near consistent and I pressed every which way.  I opted to finish this, by flipping and clipping seams.  It's not pretty, but the center is done.

Alrighty then!  I'm off to budget...(another new project for me!  I'll let you know how it goes.)

Let me know if you have any budgeting secrets.  Right now, the biggest thing for me is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

2013 UFO/WIP List:
1.  Small Blue Bag (stitch the bottom closed)
2.  Sock Monkey mug rug (hand stitch binding)
3.  "Ole Glory!" mug rug (attach binding)
4.  "Ole Glory!" mug rug (quilt)
5.  "Ole Glory!" mug rug (quilt)
6.  Mom's Red, White & Blue table runner (quilt)
7.  Kelly's Quilt (hand stitch binding & return)
8.  "Prairie Paisley" 1/2 square mini (finished top)
9.  "Prairie Paisley" 1/2 square mini-mini (finished top)
10.  "Prairie Paisley" piano key mini (finished top)
11.  Christmas mini (finished top)
12.  Colleen's 9 Patch wall hanging table runner (needs borders)
13.  Star table runner (hand quilting project)
14.  Bird house Kindle cover (finish piecing)
Larger Projects that I started last year:
15.  Paper Piecing for the Terrified (log cabin block finished)
16.  Morgan's Sampler (1/2 of the blocks are finished)
17.  Craftsy Block of the Month (stopped at Hexies)
18.  Stella's 4 patch (4 patch blocks are finished)
19.  Barrister's Blocks Farmer's Wife (stopped somewhere around October)
20.  Cinnamon & Nutmeg (mostly cut...3 strip sets need cut)
21.  Morgan's Flannel Quilt (flannel is cut; needs batting cut)
22.  Rapha's Fireman Quilt (pre-printed blocks are cut)
23.  "Spice" socks for Sidney (1 sock scrapped; 2 sock finished; 3 sock working heel flap) FINISHED!
24.  "Spice" sock gauge with size 3 needle FINISHED!
25.  Kelly's 2nd "knitted knocker"
26.  Crocheted market bag
27.  Pink Sugar socks (sock 1 cast-on) NEW!

Then there are other kits, pre-cuts & a variety of ready to go projects:
"Prairie Paisley" throw (basted...still not sure if I want to hand quilt it)
"Pinwheels in my Garden" (waiting on quilter & cash)
Halloween wall hanging
Kansas Troubles jelly rolls (2)
Small bags (cut & waiting for batting or a coordinating fabric)
Denim squares
Basket of sock yarns (Morgan, Meredith, Sidney, Me, Darren, James & John)
John's blue scarf (He's been asking for one for the last couple of months)
Ruffled scarves
knit dish cloths
weaving projects (3 are on the rug loom...need more rags to use up the warp)
spinning (wool is in various stages...some washed, some picked, some still in laundry bag on the porch)
spinning (purchased locks...needs combed)
spinning (purchased roving)

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  1. Wow quite a list you have there, good luck in working through it.