Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First List of 2013

I have been trying to learn to do most of my computer stuff on my iPhone.
It hasn't been easy.
I don't always have the time to research and apply new found knowledge...and sometimes it is best to just keep it simple.
I have Blogger on my phone, and I am slowly figuring out the little quirks to posting.  I still can't post pics where I want them in the blog, but I know there has to be a way to do it and I'm going to figure it out.
Just not right away.

So, here I am.  I have my internet up and running (for now). And, I'm going to get my list of UFOs and WIPs on here so that I can keep track of what I accomplish in this new year.  Mostly these are my crafting, knitting, quilting & other sewing projects.  But, I want to do some family research & work on getting my photos organized if not scrapbooked.

I've already taken time to list the projects that I have laying around my room.  I've even taken those projects and sort of arranged the list by category & the easiest finishes.  Great start, right?!

1.  Small Blue Bag (stitch the bottom closed)
2.  Sock Monkey mug rug (hand stitch binding)
3.  "Ole Glory!" mug rug (attach binding)
4.  "Ole Glory!" mug rug (quilt)
5.  "Ole Glory!" mug rug (quilt)
6.  Mom's Red, White & Blue table runner (quilt)
7.  Kelly's Quilt (hand stitch binding & return)
8.  "Prairie Paisley" 1/2 square mini (finished top)
9.  "Prairie Paisley" 1/2 square mini-mini (finished top)
10.  "Prairie Paisley" piano key mini (finished top)
11.  Christmas mini (finished top)
12.  Colleen's 9 Patch table runner (needs borders)
13.  Star table runner (hand quilting project)
14.  Bird house Kindle cover (finish piecing)
Larger Projects that I started last year:
15.  Paper Piecing for the Terrified (log cabin block finished)
16.  Morgan's Sampler (1/2 of the blocks are finished)
17.  Craftsy Block of the Month (stopped at Hexies)
18.  Stella's 4 patch (4 patch blocks are finished)
19.  Barrister's Blocks Farmer's Wife (stopped somewhere around October)
20.  Cinnamon & Nutmeg (mostly cut...3 strip sets need cut)
21.  Morgan's Flannel Quilt (flannel is cut; needs batting cut)
22.  Rapha's Fireman Quilt (pre-printed blocks are cut)
23.  "Spice" socks for Sidney (1 sock scrapped; 2 sock finished; 3 sock working heel flap)
24.  "Spice" sock gauge with size 3 needle
25.  Kelly's 2nd "knitted knocker"
26.  Crocheted market bag

Then there are other kits, pre-cuts & a variety of ready to go projects:
"Prairie Paisley" throw (basted...still not sure if I want to hand quilt it)
"Pinwheels in my Garden" (waiting on quilter & cash)
Halloween wall hanging
Kansas Troubles jelly rolls (2)
Small bags (cut & waiting for batting or a coordinating fabric)
Denim squares
Basket of sock yarns (Morgan, Meredith, Sidney, Me, Darren, James & John)
John's blue scarf (He's been asking for one for the last couple of months)
Ruffled scarves
knit dish cloths
weaving projects (3 are on the rug loom...need more rags to use up the warp)
spinning (wool is in various stages...some washed, some picked, some still in laundry bag on the porch)
spinning (purchased locks...needs combed)
spinning (purchased roving)

I'm sure there are more projects hiding in a variety of places...I didn't dig too deep into the closet.

I have already seen lots of lists from the other bloggers that I follow.  I've also seen a bunch of mosaics (I going to learn how to do that this year too!)  Leave me a message if you want me to check out your 2013 to-do list & I will try and be a cheerleader for you!

Get busy & Have fun!


  1. I am trying to figure out how to do it on a kindle my computer is in the shop

  2. On an i-phone?! Well done. The tiny key board drives me nuts.