Thursday, September 3, 2015


I have a friend who does some quilting for me. We've had a great bartering system for the last couple of years. Well, she is moving to Florida this weekend!
I will certainly miss her (and not just because of her quilting expertise)!

She had two of my projects that she hadn't gotten around to, and those are now back in my possession. 

The first one has everything it needs to be completed...including the batting and thread. 

It's a t-shirt quilt for Darren's cousin and I've been really lax in getting it finished. 

The second top is a queen size. (I really need to get it on my bed before winter!)
It is "Pinwheels in my Garden" by Kansas Trouble. 

So, I have these two projects...nearly finished...

What are they? 

Works in Progress? 

Un-Finished Objects?

I won't quilt them here, but I'm not sure where I will take them. Hopefully, I will find someone soon that won't cost too much...not that I'm cheap, but extra $$ is certainly hard to come by right now.

I have never sent one away for quilting, but I might look into that. 


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