Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Giveaway!!

Over  the past couple of years, I have figured out that I am a "Gifter".  I love to give things to other people.  It doesn't have to be something fancy.  It doesn't have to be for any particular reason.  If I see something and it makes me think of a particular person, I have to give it to them...sometimes its just a picture of the item since I can't just throw money down at the drop of a hat.

That being said, I'm doing a give away to celebrate my birthday later this month & my blogs first birthday that slipped by in January while we were buried deep in the winter drama of post holiday bills, broken down cars & the inevitable strep throat and flu season.

So, I've decided to send a mid-winter pick-me-up to a special person.

Here are some bits and pieces that I've been playing with...

When I think of February, I think of Valentine's Day...Black History Month... President's Day...and of course, MY BIRTHDAY!  

Just leave me a comment on this post answering a few short questions:
1.  Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
2.  White, Milk or Dark Chocolate?
3.  Design Lines or Mix & Match?
4.  Historical or Whimsical?
(You can also tell me what you think of when February rolls around.)

I will be putting the names in a hat & letting Thing 1 and Thing 2 choose a winner.  

Good Luck!  
Pass the word along...There is lots of time...We'll pick a winner on February 26th (My Birthday) and post it on the 27th.

Hugs & Best Wishes!


  1. all of the things I drink coffee tea love hot chocolate love all fabric and take my coffee black thanks

  2. Iced tea, dark chocolate, anything goes on fabric, and I love whimsy.

    February means early spring where I live. It is when the daffodils bloom.

  3. Café,chocolate escuro,tudo em tecidos,fevereiro é carnaval aqui,e atéjunho tenho um monte de tucanos no meu quintal.Seguidora nova GFC 42.Obrigada.