Monday, August 6, 2012

I Finished A Sock!!!

My very first sock!

"Folded Cuff"


 I've been wanting to knit socks for some time now.  
I've practiced "knitting".
I've practiced "purling".
I've practiced reading patterns.
I've purchased sock yarn. 
(More than a reasonable amount for someone who has never knit socks.)
I've bought books.
I've visited a yarn store.
I've cast on. 
(Several times.)
I've frogged.
(Several times.)
And, now, I've finally finished my first sock.

It's teeny, tiny.  

But that's okay.

I've made some mistakes.

But, that's okay, too.

It's finished!  I've knit my very first sock!

And now I have to do another one!

Just so you know, I've already cast on!  And now I am off to do some more knitting!

I also wound some rags for my rug loom.  My newest projects.

Don't forget about the give away on Sunday.  Just leave me a comment & you'll be added to the drawing!

This Knit-wit is off to work some ribbing!
See you soon!



  1. Sock knitting is very addictive...proceed with caution!

    1. Thanks for the heads up!
      You will have to keep me updated on the latest & greatest sock yarns from Sheeps & Peeps!
      I've already started the "companion" sock...even though I know the pattern in the yarn won't match up to the first one. Oh, well...another lesson for another day.