Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grrrrr!.......and, Yea!!

Our internet is messing with us again this month.
I think I am going to have to learn to blog from my phone.  
Not a pleasant thought.

So, I missed the announcement of my giveaway winner.

I've already contacted JuneD to let her know that she was the lucky winner.
She is blogging at QuiltQuest if you'd like to stop by and visit her.

Congratulations, JuneD! (This was the "Yea!!" part in case you were wondering.)

I've been told that I now have to ration my blogging (I'm putting up too many pictures they say.)

So, I've got to sit back and prioritize my posts, learn to work nicely with my phone...and maybe even have a little time to get some projects worked on.

I really do miss you guys!
'Cause while I'm not posting, I'm also not getting to read very many of my "Start the day off Right" bloggers!

Take Care, & I hope to see you guys again real soon!



  1. Hang in there. Maybe you should keep a journal and let us all know what you discover while you are away.

  2. Never too many pictures....uggh...hugs to you and I hope you come back soon..I know its been a odd summer.