Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back Online & Ready for a Giveaway!!

First, I must apologize for such a long absence...
Our new internet provider only allows us a certain amount of data each month & it isn't quite enough to support all of the 4 am you tube video viewing that my insomniac hubby required.  We pretty much used up our allotment the first week and a half of July and spent two and a half weeks slipping off to the library, Burger King or wherever we could manage to get a few minutes of free internet in.

My inability to work well with technology prevented me from posting from my current cell phone (one of the draw backs to having had the twins...the pregnancy totally confused my body & I now suffer with some crazy inability to keep a watch battery running & cause lots of "fun" glitches in my cell phone usage! LOL)

So, now that I am back online...(I hope that I still have some readers out there...) I would like to offer my finished hot pad from the Red, White & Blue Blog Hop!  You can still stop over and take a peek if you'd like.  Since I didn't think to include the give away when I posted on July 2nd, I will be adding those wonderful visitors to the drawing!  

I am not going to try and figure out the "linky" thing...(we are crazy busy here planning a wedding for this Saturday) so, I will be drawing a name out of the hat!  It will be completely random!  I promise!

So, even if you didn't stop by during the hop, you can still have a chance to win!

I will draw the name on Sunday, August 12 (when I have a little bit of breathing room).  Just leave me a note on any of my postings between now and Sunday and you will be entered.  I will limit the number of entries to 3 per don't have to do anything other than tell me that you stopped by! that's pretty simple isn't it?!

So, here is what I have for you:

It's a little over 10 inches square, inspired by the June 2012 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  The original design is by Thomas Knauer and called "Electric Slide".  My block was pieced using 1.5" half-square triangles left over from a previous project.  The batting is Insul-Brite so it can be used as a hot pad.

Thanks so much for sticking around & Good Luck!!


  1. Glad to see you back.

    Love your little mat!

  2. I may have missed your drawing, but I just have to tell you how much I love this mini... We were out of town. but are back now.. and I am inspired and online again! Hope you are doing great!