Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Today is May 26.

It seems like I'm always complaining about all the work or projects that need done around here.  Something is always lurking in the background saying "Pay attention to me!"

Other than the daily chores, here is a little list of the things that need for me to give them some attention.

1. The baby's quilt needs to be finished.  It hasn't progressed at all since my last update on it.
2. Darren's Trail Ride socks are in a little bag of their own and if I trip over them on my way out the door, they might get to ride along and get some stitches while I wait for school to let out.
3. My  socks (I'm not sure what pattern yet) is laying on the bedside table waiting for me to decide what they are going to be. But, the toes are done!
4. The fiber I purchased earlier this month is waiting to be spun.  The Rose Quartz is a little more than half done.  I have one thread spun and the other bobbin started so, that's good.
5. I just cast on for the Yarn Mountain Summer Knit a Long...Sand Castles Shawl.
6. I have new warp colors for my rug loom, but I need to take off the rugs that are still on the loom and I need to do a project sheet.
7. I've also started working on two different websites.  I haven't done anything along those lines for quite some time and even though its easier, I still need to learn how everything works.

I think I will try and get a schedule worked up so that I can see where my time is being spent and what I can  do to streamline all of the things that need to be done. 

I guess I can do that tonight, while I spend an hour or so at the soccer field for the boys' practice.

Now, it's off to start dinner preparations.  Baked steak takes a while to cook and it needs to be in the oven an hour ago.


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