Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life Interrupted

Planned to work on some quilting today. 

Settled on this blue for backing a couple of 12" squares. 

Thought I'd put these orphans together. 

Then, I found and sorted this box of scraps. 

Just as I was plugging in the iron, my oldest calls to tell me she has locked her keys in her car...while it was running...and could I please bring her the spare. It took a few minutes to get's in the single digits here & you know it's warmer if you just stay in your pjs. 30 minutes to cross town to get to her, something hit my windshield and cracked it, figured I might as well grab some essentials since I was already out in the cold. Brownie mix...check. Bread & milk...check. Red box movies...check. 2 bottles of wine...and I'm set for the night. 

Time to press and sort scraps and watch Boxtrolls with Thing 1 & Thing 2. 

What gets you out on cold wintery days?

Stay warm & tangle free!

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