Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Little Bit Crafty Today

I knew I shouldn't try another resolution this year. Life always gets in the way. But, I'm glad it mom is home from her surgery (last Wednesday) & trying to bulk up for her next round of chemo. Cancer, no matter what kind, is just too intimidating. But... We got this!

Ok. Back to the craftiness...
I've been working a little bit on the leg warmers. I'm still stitching on number 3. 

I've done some sorting & trimming of fabric. Not much, but some. 

I started my first lace project while Mom was in surgery. It didn't last 10 rows. I don't think I'm ready for lace yet. 

Today I thought I would do some spinning. I even moved my wheel and chair to the living room so I could supervise the homeschool lessons. I ended up with this instead

a 6x9 inch brick of denim scraps. I played with the fancy stitches on my machine & tried a new stabilizer. My friend Susan told me she recycled her used dryer sheets as a stabilizer. I thought it worth a try & I must say, I'm impressed. It worked great & mine are just slightly bigger than 6x9 inches so it was easy to square it up. I have plenty of denim and already picked out a variety of complementing threads. I can't wait to do a couple more. 

On to basketball practice & those itty bitty leg warmers. 

Don't let life get you tangled. Keep on stitchin'!


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